State Champions

Congratulations to the Softball and Baseball State Champions!


8U - Preston Lady Braves

10U - Durant Lions

12U - Navajo Wild

14U - Canute Trojanettes


Coach Pitch - Blanchard BASH

Peewee - Poteau Bandits

Midgets - Canute Trojans

Preps - Elgin Owls

State Tournament Teams

Congratulations to all teams that are advancing to the state tournaments.  Please print all the information regarding the tournament - brackets, coaches list, weather memo, player protest memo, letter to coach.

Bring birth certificates to the coaches' meeting.  The date, time, location may be found on the list of coaches.

For peewee and midget teams:  The pitching rule will be waived going into the state tournament because some teams did not finish until Sunday due to rain.  All pitchers will begin fresh on Tuesday.

Congratulations to The Regional Champions

Coach Pitch - Canute Trojans, Durant Trojans, Blanchard BASH, Chandler Lions, Silo Dodgers, Shawnee Tornadoes, Caddo Bruins

Peewee - Canute Trojans, Wynnewood Savages, Perry Maroons, Shawnee Scissortails, Stigler Pirates, Poteau Bandits, Wister Wildcats

Midgets - Canute Trojans, Hollis Tigers, Binger-Oney Bobcats, Preston Pirates, Shawnee Drillers, Kingston Outlaws, Ada Rivals

Weather Forecast

Due to the weather forecast for Friday and Saturday please contact your tournament director before traveling to your tournament site.  

Regional Baseball Tournaments

The brackets for all regional tournaments can be found under the playoff tab.  Coaches are responsible for downloading all of the information regarding your tournament:  Coaches List, Bracket, Weather Policy, Player Eligibility Protest Procedure, and letter to the coach.  We will not mail packets to individual coaches.

Teams must have a representative attend the mandatory coaches' meeting prior to the first game.  The location and time can be found on the coaches list.  Each coach should bring birth certificates for the players on the roster.  The official roster was submitted to the OK Kids office on June 1 by your league representative and will be the roster used for the regional and state tournaments.  If the head coach cannot attend the meeting a parent, grandparent, or other adult may represent the team.

Please contact the tournament director of your tournament for specific questions regarding your tournament.

Baseball Regionals

Please submit all baseball regional qualifiers by Friday, June 24.

Regionals begin July 5-9

Coach Pitch Regionals begin July 7-9

If you would like to request a location, please feel free to email the OK Kids office at and make your request.  The requests need to be from head coaches, not parents.  We will do our best to send you where you request.  Keep in mind, you may only request where your team will play - you cannot request where another team is placed.  If you stay close, you may see some of your other league teams in the same regional tournaments.

Softball State Tournaments

The brackets and information regarding the state softball tournaments are posted under the Playoff tab.  Packets will not be mailed to coaches so all information should be printed from the website.  A coaches' meeting is scheduled for each tournament.  A representative from each team is required to attend and present birth certificates for each player to the tournament director.  The tournament directors will give you information regarding gate fee, parking availability, t-shirt orders, etc.  Please contact the tournament director for information pertaining to your specific tournament.  

Roster Deadline

Roster information

  • The deadline is June 1 -  no exceptions
  • No changes will be allowed after this date
  • Must be on official OK Kids roster form - the form is on the website and may be printed and completed or you may type the information on the form and then print
  • Must be mailed not faxed
  • Must be submitted by your league representative
  • Each league is allowed 1 automatic qualifier for every 4 rosters submitted per age group

Coaches:  It is your responsibility to make sure the roster is completed fully and accurately.  Double-check to make sure that you have included every player, birthdate, physical address, and school.  It is very difficult to explain to a parent that their child was left off of a roster and is ineligible to play in the regional or state tournament.  Unfortunately, we have had to make that decision.  It is your responsibility to have your roster to your league representative in time for them to send it to the OK Kids office by June 1.

League Representatives:  It is your responsibility to send rosters, player releases attached to the appropriate roster, league applications, and league dues by June 1.  Please mail the rosters - do not fax them.  The printer in the office cannot handle the magnitude of paperwork that each league needs to send.  Do not send birth certificates or player contract cards.  If you have questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact the OK Kids office and I will assist you in getting the information submitted correctly.  

Regional and State Tournament Sites

OK Kids appreciates the interest shown in hosting regional and state tournaments.  After much thought and consideration, the baseball and softball playoff sites have been determined.  The sites are listed under the playoff tabs.  Confirmation letters will be sent this week to the individuals who requested a tournament.  If your town was chosen as a host site, please email the OK Kids office at and the information can be sent through an email.  Each site will be allowed one host team for the tournament and should be chosen by you.  Please list the team and coach on the confirmation letter.  Head coaches of a participating team cannot be the tournament director.  The deadline for confirmation is June 3.